Beaded Jewelry Artesian ~ I want my art to remind you of your special person or an unforgettable time in your life. When you see it you should feel it

Creating jewelry is my passion, my creative outlet. I love creating jewelry that catches the eye and the interest of women, men and children. The colors of nature inspire me to mingle glass beads, wood, stone, pearls, metal and any natural embellishment that can be created into a bead. My jewelry is often crafted for people who are dealing with or have dealt with illness or loss. These pieces are very dear to my heart. I create them with the intention of sharing love and hope. I pray and meditate over my work sending love to the recipient through the piece of jewelry, similar to prayer cloths evangelists sent through the mail when I was young. My hope is that my jewelry delights your eye, brings peace, healing and happiness to those who see and feel the love imbued into these personal works of art.

After the loss of my amazing father in November 2008 my jewelry "journey" began as an emotional outlet. The following year my mother went into surgery. While I sat with her for a week, while she recovered, she opened up her bead collection to me. She gave me books, patterns and more beautiful beads that peaked my interest and added to my creative outlet. Who knew I'd find my passion in a time of healing and recovery for us both. I started by creating pieces for family and soon found out that those same people were willing to pay for my creative process.

Since, I have created hundreds of customized pieces. They are very personal and created for people in different stages of hope, support and grief, all made with the energy and intention of love.

Suddenly and without any illness my oldest son died of a pulmonary embolism in November 2013. The world may not have stopped turning, but mine did. His sudden death halted all progress in life and business. The following year is a blur. To heal, I picked up my beads one day and began creating. I created "In Memory" pendant urns for my other children. The pendants contain their brother's ashes and represent the relationship and memory they have of him, sculpted of beads. The power of sending love through memories and tears was profoundly healing. Through that act of love I was able to pick myself up and continue my passion. This time with a more awakened meaning of sending love. As I send love to others through the creation of jewelry, I too feel the healing effects.

Now, gratefully, I am working on building my business back up. I hope my sparkling creations bring their wearer comfort, love, hope and great joy. ~Thank You for allowing me to share my story with you
~ Laurette


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